Bachelor & Master theses

of all Research Groups

Bachelor and Master students are always welcome. 
If you are interested to join one of the research groups, please contact the respective group leader directly. There is also the chance to study at our partner Institute Fraunhofer IOF.External link
In addition, the following specific openings are currently advertised:

in the subject area of Fiber & Waveguide Lasers

The fiber laser group at the IAP enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the most creative laser research groups world-wide, in fact several performance records that now define the state-of-the-art have been set. The success of the group is based, among other things, on an outstanding team spirit and deep knowledge on laser physics.
If you are interested in working in the field of laser physics and joining our group, please get in contact and learn more about available topics, e.g. as trial period in a paid internship or Master thesis. Current themes for Bachelor & Master are for example:

  • Automated alignment of beam arrays for coherent combining
  • Speckel charcaterization in multimode fiber lasers
  • Characterization and shaping of femtosecond laser pulses
  • Live monitoring and active stabilization of the XUV output power of a high harmonic source
  • Multi-wavelength and 3D computational imaging with broadband laser sources

Our service to you involves:

• interesting and relevant topics
• an excellent supervision from internship level up to PhD
• a highly endowed renumeration and
• exceptional carrier opportunities.

in the subject area of Microstructure Technology

in the subject area of Ultrafast Optics

in the subject area of Nano & Quantum Optics

at the Fraunhofer IOF