Aim of the main project is to investigate limiting effects of the power scaling of fibers for laser systems with excellent beam quality. The basis for this is the approved cooperation between the IAP / Fraunhofer IOF Jena and the Leibniz IPHT Jena.
    Objective of the subproject: to promote the performance scaling of fiber laser systems with excellent beam quality.

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    Ultrafast lasers have become an indispensable key component in a plethora of scientific, industrial and medical applications. At this, high pulse peak powers and high average powers enable new approaches in many ways, but, furthermore, they are very demanding to technology and involved materials. Especially when both maximum pulse peak power and maximum average power are required simultaneously with an additional optimum beam and pulse quality, diverse challenges and impairing effects occur. These can finally limit the achievable performance of the corresponding setup. Therefore, new technologies have to be developed in order to overcome these limits.

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    The aim of the MULTIPASS project is the research and development of a highly efficient and scalable method for the pulse compression of ultrashort pulse lasers. This would enable a broader range of applications for these sources, especially in the field of frequency conversion processes.

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    The aim of DYNAMORE is the realization of a dynamically adaptable, "digital" ultrashort pulse laser. This should enable a tailored pulse-accurate control of all relevant laser parameters.

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