Dr. Robert Klas at the EUV source. He is a laureate of the Hugo Geiger Award 2023.
watermark — overlapping rhombuses with different transparencies


Dr. Robert Klas at the EUV source. He is a laureate of the Hugo Geiger Award 2023.
Image: Walter Oppel (Fraunhofer IOF)

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  1. (left) Image of a resolution test (Siemens star) taken with a wavelength of 13.5 nm at different zoom levels. A field-of-view of up to 100 µm x 100 µm and a spatial resolution of up to 18 nm could be achieved. (right) Measured complex field of the two EUV exposures used (top: OAM beam, bottom: diffuser beam).
    Image: W. Eschen, IAP
  2. Theme image: Cultural diversity
    Illustration: RunwayML (Ira Winkler)
  3. Portrait Dr. Thorsten A. Goebel
    Image: Fraunhofer IOF
  4. Ceremony for the award of the Federal Cross of Merit on 07.05.2024.
    Image: Jacob Schröter (TSK)
  5. Optics set-up
    Image: W.Oppel (Fraunhofer IOF)
  6. Prof. Fabian Steinlechner is working at his Lab at Beutenberg Campus.
    Image: Ira Winkler
  7. Katsuya Tanaka at his Lab in the ACP in Jena.
    Image: Ira Winkler
  8. Researchers Alessandro Alberucci and Kim Lammers are pictured working in the lab. Their advance paves the way to integrating new types of optical functions into the whole volume of a single glass chip, enabling compact full 3D photonic integrated devices.
    Image: GRK 2101 (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
  9. Tobias Vogl investigates single photon sources in 2D materials in an experimental setup.
    Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
  10. Prof. Dr. Fabian Steinlechner at the Lab.
    Image: Ira Winkler (Universität Jena)
  11. Joint success at Photonics West - research work is always teamwork!
    Image: Fraunhofer IOF
  12. ASP doctoral candidates discuss an experimental setup in the ACP labs.
    Image: DAAD / Focke Strangmann
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