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Diversity Day: More than just internationality, but something deeply personal!

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Theme image: Cultural diversity
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Published: | By: Ira Winkler

Four layers of diversity
Four layers of diversity
Graphic: Gardenswartz und Rowe 2008

What does diversity mean?

Diversity encompasses far more than cultural differences. It is about various dimensions: Culture, gender, age, social and economic backgrounds, physical and psychological characteristics as well as different ways of thinking and working. Everyone contributes to diversity in their own way. This complexity brings with it different needs, perspectives and potential. In order to do justice to this diversity, we need a differentiated view and the will to understand.

This is definitely not an easy task - but it is also a starting point.

A working environment free from prejudice

The "Charta der Vielfalt e.V.", which initiated the "Day of Diversity", is committed to a working environment free of prejudice. The aim is to create a climate of acceptance and mutual trust in which all employees are valued - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

The benefits of diversity

Properly understood and implemented, a lot of positive things can arise from conflicts or supposedly opposing viewpoints. A team that is aware of its diversity can look at complex problems from different angles, apply talents in a tailored manner and thus achieve better results - both in technical and personal matters. This leads to an improved working atmosphere and increases the personal well-being of each individual.

Diversity at the IAP

Over 250 people from 47 nations currently work at the IAP. Our age structure ranges from students to people who are about to retire, and we have a wide variety of family models. As the number of colleagues grows, so does this diversity. The focus of the nations represented is shifting in the medium term, giving us new cultural and scientific impetus.

Our international team composition clearly shows that we don't just see diversity as a buzzword, but actively live it. It is a central component of our identity and a key factor in our success. Diversity strengthens our understanding of global connections and international cooperation, which is invaluable in today's interconnected world.

Concrete first steps towards diversity

1. develop an awareness of our own diversity

2. show interest in the particularities of others.

3. examine your own thought patterns and prejudices.

4. ask about the ideas and solutions of others.

5. negotiate not about points of view, but about goals and ways to achieve them.

Thank you!

Diversity Day at the IAP is an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance and value of diversity at our institute. We are proud of the colorful mix of talents and perspectives that characterizes our team. Together we can achieve more and master the challenges of the future with creative and innovative solutions.

We look forward to an inspiring Diversity Day and would like to thank all our colleagues for their contribution to an inclusive and successful working environment.

Nationalities represented at the IAP.
Nationalities represented at the IAP.
Image: Microsoft/Bing