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Bachelor / Master Thesis

We offer an introductory lecture on Micro/Nanotechnology:

Micro- and nanooptical structures enable mankind to tailor basically all properties of light. In this course you will learn how to fabricate the required structures to shape light at your will. 

This course is an introduction equally useful for theorists who want to incorporate real-world limitations into their designs and for practitioners who want to fabricate such structures themselves. The application-oriented course is focusing on the required techniques and facilities needed to fabricate micro- and nanooptics. This includes a comprehensive overview of the physical principles behind various lithography techniques, thin film coating and etching technologies as well as insights into practicalities of working in clean room environments.

Micro/Nanotechnology lab course:

Work in progress…

Bachlor/Master thesis

  • Investigating Second Harmonic Generation from Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) on Plasmonic Nanogap Metasurfaces
  • Nanogap Plasmonic Gratings with Sub-10 nm Gaps: Design, Fabrication and Characterization for Optoelectronic Applications