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Welcome to the Institute of Applied Physics

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The Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena has a long-standing tradition and competence in design, fabrication and application of active and passive optical and photonic elements. It is also very well-known for its developments in the area of high power laser technology and nowadys also in quantum optics. Collaborative projects with companies ensure practical relevance and feasibility.


Prof. J. Limpert at his laboratory in spring 2019
Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert
Portrait apl.-Prof. Dr. Uwe D. Zeitner
apl. Prof. Uwe D. Zeitner
Prof.Dr. S.Nolte discusses with colleagues.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Nolte
Lichteffekt bei experimentellen Untersuchungen im Labor.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pertsch & Dr. Frank Setzpfandt
Prof. H.Gross hält das Seminar Optical System Design im Computerpool
Prof. Dr. Herbert Gross
Opical effect of an oilfilm
Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski