Source for entangled photon pairs
watermark — overlapping rhombuses with different transparencies

Quantum Photonics

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Source for entangled photon pairs
Image: W.Oppel (Fraunhofer IOF)

The world is a quantum place. Each of its microscopic components obey the laws of quantum physics. Although these laws sometimes seem to be hard to grasp for us macroscopic beings, they are the basis for modern technology such as microchips, broadband Internet or satellite navigation. Although these first-generation of quantum technologies, barely scratch the surface of the power of the quantum world, they have a tremendous impact on our society. Advanced quantum effects such as entanglement and superposition are only now becoming technologically usable and offer the potential for completely for a second generation of completely new quantum technologies.

These new quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize computing, digital communication, and sensor technologies. They will contribute to greener and smarter computers, to more security in data communication and a better understanding of the human body and the global ecosystem.

Currently, our research in close cooperation with Fraunhofer IOF in the field of quantum technologies focuses on the fields of quantum communicationExternal linkquantum based imaging systems, quantum computers as well as technologies and materials for quantum photonics systems.