INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Setzpfandt research group

Junior research group "QuantIm4Life"

Logo_QuantIm4Life_white_BG_100x105Using the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics, quantum optics in the last decades has demonstrated a number of peculiar effects not accessible by using classical physics. In recent years the focus of research shifted towards using these fundamental effects, grounded on quantum superposition and entanglement, to develop or enhance applications in different fields. The research group "QuantIm4Life" is aims to develop and implement sophisticated imaging and spectroscopy schemes enhanced by the quantum properties of light.

To this end, "QuantIm4Life" is pursuing research on all aspects connected to quantum imaging and sensing, including

To follow these different directions, the research group is building on expertise in numerous fields of modern photonics, namely

Using this comprehensive research approach, "QuantIm4Life" aims to realize integrated demonstrator systems that enable measurements for applications e.g. in the life sciences.