Illustrative sketch of the measurement configuration
watermark — overlapping rhombuses with different transparencies


Topics of "Optical System Design"
Illustrative sketch of the measurement configuration
Illustration: IAP, H. Gross
Path of beams in a mirror system
Illustration: IAP, H.Gross

The main area of interest and research in this group are:

Lens Design

  • Design of modern optical systems 
  • Aberration theory
  • Performance evaluation of optical systems
  • Metrology of system quality
  • Layout of laser beam delivery systems
  • Optimization methods in optical design
  • Tolerancing of optical systems

General simulation of optical systems

  • Simulation of diffraction effects 
  • Microscopic image formation
  • Calculation algorithms of wave propagation
  • Straylight and scattering in optical systems
  • Modelling of illuminations systems
  • Partial coherent imaging and beam propagation
  • Point spread function engineering and Fourier optics