Die Physik-Masterstudiengänge der Uni Jena gehören zu den bundesweit besten, so das CHE-Ranking.

Master's programs in Physics and Photoncis ranked top by the national CHE evaluation

New CHE ranking shows Master's Students give the University of Jena Top Marks in Physics, Photonics and Mathematics.
Die Physik-Masterstudiengänge der Uni Jena gehören zu den bundesweit besten, so das CHE-Ranking.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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Published: | By: Axel Burchardt, translation by Luzie Rogulis. | Source article

Optics laser lab. Optics laser lab. Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

According to the students, the FSU’s physics master's programs, including the M.Sc. Science in Photonics, are among the three best in Germany. This is shown by the current national CHE ranking of selected Master's degree programs, which can now be read on ZEIT Online.

Physics: Top in Study Situation, Courses Offered, and Scientific Application

This year, as part of the CHE ranking, a Master's student survey was carried out for physics for the first time. It proves the excellent conditions for studies in Jena: Physics students of the Friedrich Schiller University are particularly satisfied with the "General Study Situation", the "Courses" and the "Scientific Application", which received top rankings.

"The very pleasing result of the CHE survey for our faculty shows that we are on the right track in physics in Jena,says the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy and ACP co-director, Prof. Dr. Christian Spielmann. But despite the top result "the task at hand is also to continue our efforts to improve the education", the Dean states, expecting the ongoing commitment of the teachers in order to continue achieving such excellent results in the future.

Mathematics: international, supportive, and research-oriented

In mathematics, the study organization of the University of Jena is rated ‘very good’ and has achieved a top ranking in the criterion "publications per scientist". Additionally, mathematics master's students gave good grades for the fact that they could complete their studies in a reasonable amount of time – at least 80 percent of students need at most one semester longer than the standard period of study.

"The CHE ranking reflects the international, supportive, and research-oriented direction of our Mathematics Master's degree programs," says the Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Prof. Dr. Stefan Ankirchner. Contemplating the reasons for the good performance in the ranking, he adds: "Our graduates are trained in modern mathematical methods under very good conditions. Our students often already achieve new research results during the master's program and publish them in specialist journals".

The CHE ranking

In the current ranking, Master's students of selected subject areas can evaluate various criteria of their studies. The editors are convinced that, together with the general facts about research and teaching, this offers an orientation for the students’ choice of study in these subjects.

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