Awarded by NOA

"Best Student Paper Award" of the SFB "NOA - Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales"


It is no secret that collaboration across disciplines, bring extraordinary results, as almost all innovations always grow at intersections of specialties. And yet, or perhaps because of this, such a research success is a special thing, perhaps also because many people are happy about the result together!

Now the publication "Scalable Functionalization of Optical Fibers Using Atomically Thin Semiconductors" in Advanced Materials has been awarded the "Best Student Paper Award" of the SFB "NOA - Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales".

First author Gia Quyet Ngo is a PhD student of the group "Photonics in 2D-Materials" and is happy about the award and thanks all contributors "I am very happy about my NOA award for the bestpaper in 2020 and would like to express my biggest thanks to the thorough supervision of my research work by Dr. Falk Eilenberger. Moreover, this award would not have been possible without the fruitful collaboration with other colleagues." Researchers from different institutes in Jena and from Australia were involved.

The work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - German Research Foundation (SFB/CRC 1375 NOA), BMBF (NanoScopeFutur2D) and the Thüringer Aufbaubank (2DSENS).




G. Quyet Ngo , A. George, R. T. K. Schock, A. Tuniz, E. Najafidehaghani, Z. Gan, N. C. Geib, T. Bucher, H. Knopf, S. Saravi, Chr. Neumann, T. Lühder, E. P. Schartner, S. C. Warren-Smith, H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Th. Pertsch, Markus A. Schmidt, A. Turchanin, F. Eilenberger (2020): Scalable functionalization of optical fibers using atomically thin semiconductors, Advanced Materials,