Optical fibers covered with 2D material.

Functionalization of Waveguides

Optical fibers covered with 2D material.
Illustration: C. Süß, Fraunhofer IOF

Guided wave systems are the workhorse of modern applied optics. They are an ideal platform for optical communication, light sources, nonlinear light conversion, and remote sensing. We functionalize waveguides by integrating 2D-materials with waveguides using fully scalable techniques. The resulting waveguides are characterized and new models for light-matter interaction in 2D-functionalized waveguides are investigates.

Research topics include:

  • nonlinear light-conversion in optical 2D-functionalized optical fibers
  • remote sensing based on 2D-functionalized fibers
  • waveguide integration of quantum emitters
  • functionalization of guided wave architectures based on Si and SiN
  • switchable metasurfaces