a photonic cavity with embedded 2D-materials

Collective Quantum Effects

a photonic cavity with embedded 2D-materials
Image: Heiko Knopf

2D-Materials are an unique platform to study and utilize quantum effects and light-matter-interaction at the nanoscale. They are also an ideal functional component in micro- and nanooptical components. Such components can be utilized to access and enhance the fundamental properties of 2D systems. They can also profit from the availability of two-dimensional materials, which enhance their functional value.

We aim to explore new and scalable ways to integrate 2D-materials into monolithic optical components and optical coatings. These integrated 2D-components are then utilized to modify the fundamentals of the light-matter interaction of 2D-materials, leading to new nanoscoptic light sources based on nonlinear light conversion and the polaritonic lasing.

Research topics include: fabrication and integration of TMD-layers in optical coatings, and TMDC-loaded metasurfaces, using scalable growth techniques

  • assembly of TMD-based photonic-nanostructures and nano-devices by integration with resonators, functional coatings, and by direct nanostructuring of TMCs
  • characterization, modelling, and tailoring of the photonic and electro-optic properties of TMD-enhanced components on the nanoscale, as well as of their overall optical response
  • investigation of collective quantum effects such as parametric conversion and polaritonic lasing