DIY Single Photon Experiment on BMBF Quantenkongress

Peek into our do-it-yourself true single photon based Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometer operating at the BMBF Quantenkongress 2022 using augmented reality support by the Lichtwerkstatt.
Johannes Kretzschmer of the Lichtwerkstatt presents and AR-enhanced view into a hBN-based Do-it-youself single-photon experiment on the BMBF Quantenkongress 2022.
Video: Falk Eilenberger


Sebastian Ritter at the BMBF Quantenkongress Sebastian Ritter at the BMBF Quantenkongress Image: Falk Eilenbetger

On this year's BMBF Quantenkongress we have been able to present a true single photon experiment based on low-cost 3D-printed optmechanical components (UC2-standard) and single photons sources based on inexpensive hexgonal Boron Nitride powder.

Props to the Lichtwerkstatt Jena, who supported the experiment with theirĀ  amazing workshop capabilities and an instructive "x-ray-mode", based on augmented reality. DIY single photon detectors have been taken from the "Innovation Methods in Photonics" lecture, which (rightfully) recieced the Uni's teaching prize in 2022.

Special props to Sebastian Ritter and Johannes Kretzschmar, who reassembled the experiment from the leftover bits and pieces that did not survive the transport to the event. Mental note to self: just because equipment survive a rocket-liftoff-grade shaker-text does not mean your delivery service will not break it.