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The CVD-based growth of 2D-materials, such as TMDs, used to be spray&pray. Crystals would grow all over your sample, without any measure of control. In a new publications in Small Methods, we show controlled and localized growth of monolayer MoS2 and MoSe2 and optical & optoelectronic apps.
Patterned MoSe2, grown from lithographically deposited precursors.
Image: Ziyan Gan
This semester has seen the prototype instalment of our new "Experimental Quantum Technology" lab course. We think it was great and will be the first of many. Fraunhofer IOF shares or thoughts and ideas and even released a press stament on the matter.
Rudrakant Sollapur and two students working the EQT lab.
Image: Walter Oppel
We can announce the start of the BMBF-funded joint research project tubLAN Q.0​, in which we will focus on the fiber intergration of single photon sources.
Exposed core fibers functionalized with 2D-Materials are scalable platform for photonics.
Image: Walter Oppel
July 1st marks the official starting day for former PostDoc Tobias Vogl's new research group "Integrated Quantum Systems". Congratulations!
Dr. Tobias Vogl is leading the new research group "Integrated Quantum Systems".
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
Thanks to generous funding by the BMBF we are now in command of a custom-built cryostat for quantum experiments with waveguides and fibers.
A TMD-coated optical fiber installed in a custom waveguide testing cryostat.
Image: Quyet Ngo
Peek into our do-it-yourself true single photon based Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometer operating at the BMBF Quantenkongress 2022 using augmented reality support by the Lichtwerkstatt.
An AR-enhanced Do-it-yourself single photon experiment
Image: Falk Eilenberger
The first part of the prototype lab course "Experimental Quantum Technologies" is finished. We did a hands-on demonstration of quantum enhanced phase sensing and solved equations with Grover's algorithm. Student Results have been great. Teaching materials available.
Demonstration of Quantum Advantage in Phase Sensing using a real Quantum Computer with up to 4 Entangled Qubits
Picture: Falk Eilenberger
Polaritons in WSe2 from a new Hybrid Light-Matter Ground State
Artistic depiction of a hybrid polaritonic ground state in a WSe2 loaded cavity. Source: Nat. Comms.
Image: Christian Schneider
Students demonstrate quantum advantage of highly entangled GHZ states in interferometry experimentally.
an entanglement circuit as used in the quantum communication lecture
Image: Falk Eilenberger
Major step towards polaritonic lasing
Exciton-phonon-photon hybridization
Picture: IAP (Univ. Jena)
January 2022
Heiko Knopf at his successfull PhD-Thesis defence.
Image: IAP (Univ. Jena)
Congratulations to Heiko Knopf for successfully defending his PhD-Thesis
Top of the Mortarboard, handcrafted by the colleagues of Heiko Knopf
Image: Ira Winkler (Univ. Jena)