We acknowledge funding by the following agencies and projects.
Logo NanoScopeFutur-2D
BMBF-project NanoScopeFutur-2D of the NanoMatFutur
Logo BMBF-project Complexity Scaling of Quantum Photonic Systems (QOMPLEX)
BMBFComplexity Scaling of Quantum Photonic Systems
Logo BMBF-project maQuer.SPACE
BMBF QuantumAktiv programme (Grant-ID: 13N15429)
TAB-project Thüringer Research Group FastPhoton
Logo CRC/SFB 1375 NOA
DFG CRC 1375 Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scale
Logo DFG IRTG 2675
DFG IRTG 2675 - Tailored metasurfaces (MetaActive)
Logo DLR Project Quantenphotonischhe Komponenten für sichere Kommunikation mit Kleinsatelliten (QUICK3)
DLR Project QUICK3
Max Planck School of Photonics

Former projects

Logo 3Dsensation
BMBF-project (Grant-ID: 3ZZ0467)
Logo 2D-Sens
TAB-project Thüringer Research Group 2D-Sens