for Students

Bachelor / Master / Diploma Thesis

New Bachelor, Master, and Diploma students are always welcome. Now, the following specific openings are currently advertised in our research group:

  • BSc Thesis:"Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Investigation of ion beam homogeneity"
  • BSc Thesis: "Vanadium oxide"
  • BSc Thesis: "MexOyNz (metal oxynitride)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Line Edge Roughness (LER)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Measuring System Polarization Optics"
  • BSc Thesis: "Mathematical/radiative optical modelling"
  • BSc Thesis: "Achromatic nano-optical phase plates"
  • BSc Thesis: "NanoFrazor"
  • MSc Thesis: "Generation of color centers in diamond for quantum light sources"

If you are interested or have futher questions, do not hesitate to contact us!