an experiment in an optical fiber functionalized with 2D-materials

Photonics in 2D-Materials

Research Group of Falk Eilenberger
an experiment in an optical fiber functionalized with 2D-materials
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Thanks to generous funding by the BMBF we are now in command of a custom-built cryostat for quantum experiments with waveguides and fibers.
A TMD-coated optical fiber installed in a custom waveguide testing cryostat.
Image: Quyet Ngo
Peek into our do-it-yourself true single photon based Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometer operating at the BMBF Quantenkongress 2022 using augmented reality support by the Lichtwerkstatt.
An AR-enhanced Do-it-yourself single photon experiment
Image: Falk Eilenberger
The first part of the prototype lab course "Experimental Quantum Technologies" is finished. We did a hands-on demonstration of quantum enhanced phase sensing and solved equations with Grover's algorithm. Student Results have been great. Teaching materials available.
Demonstration of Quantum Advantage in Phase Sensing using a real Quantum Computer with up to 4 Entangled Qubits
Picture: Falk Eilenberger
Photonics in 2D-Materials
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