Dr. Fabian Steinlechner in a discussion with an Alumnus.
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Interchanging between former and current colleagues from the IAP and Fraunhofer IOF
Dr. Fabian Steinlechner in a discussion with an Alumnus.
Image: I.Winkler, IAP (University Jena)

Good bye and Hello!

Farewell always has something of joy and regret - one is looking forward to new challenges and hopes for something good for the future. On the other hand, it is also difficult to leave the known behind. Friends and colleagues who have grown on you, familiar places and routines cherished.
Nevertheless, simply stay connected to us! We look forward to hearing from you and want to know whereto did your road from Jena led you.
We also want to tell you what's new over here - read about it in our common magazine for alumni of the IAP and Fraunhofer IOFExternal link.
Of course we are also in close contact to the alumni network of the Facultity of Physics and Astronomy PAF-Alumni and Friedrich Schiller University JenAlumni de.


Our next Alumni meeting takes place at 09.06.2023.

Please register here:  https://www.iof.fraunhofer.de/de/veranstaltungen/alumni-netzwerktreffen.htmlExternal link

Alumni in dialogue

Dr. Christian Vetter
Dr. Christian Vetter
... works since 2022 at Fraunhofer IOF, Jena


Public Relations
Ira Winkler
PR / Administration
Portrait Ira Winkler
IAP, Room 305
Albert-Einstein-Straße 15
07745 Jena