Status 2016

In November 2016, a status seminar of the KoSimO project has been held in Jena at the Fraunhofer Institute of Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF). On overview of the results from the last three years has been presented to an interested audience from academia and industry. The program of the seminar and the corresponding slides can be found below:

Physical Optical Simulation Methods

Wave-optical propagation between tilted planes - Herbert Gross
Efficient wave-optical calculation of 'bad systems' - Norman Worku
Propagation of short pulses through optical systems - Norman Worku
Efficient wave-optical light propagation for the simulation of micro-optical components - Sören Schmidt
Including real surface measurements into the simulation of optical systems - Ralf Hambach

Partially coherent systems

Propagation of partially coherent light in optical systems - Minyi Zhong
Simulation of microscope systems - Herbert Gross

Incoherent illumination systems and freeforms

Design of segmented illumination optics - Dirk Michaelis
Generation of intitial systems for freeform surfaces - Britta Satzer
Calculation of freeform surfaces for beam shaping - Chrisoph Bösel

Light propagation in scattering media

Theory and experiments of light scattering - Alexander Finck
Simulation of light propagation in tissue - Herbert Gross