GRINeMotion -
piezo adjustable micro-optics hybrid systems for Endomicroscopy and biophotonics by combining GRIN optics, freeform micro-optics and diffractive optics
The overall objective is the development of multi-modal endoscopy probes with an image quality similar to a conventional microscope resolution.

This means that high-resolution microscopy is miniaturized to an endoscopic probe, which imply in detail, that the probe diameter should be 2 mm and smaller, and the image field diameter of 500 μm microns should have a resolution < 1 μm, NA > 0.5.
In addition, it is important for medical applications that microscopic imaging (contact mode) can be combined with an endoscopic navigation with a large image field (5 mm) and working distance (multimodal). Correspondingly, optical coherence tomography (image field 1 -2 mm, resolution 10-20 μm, l = 1310 nm, NA = 0.1) will be combined with multiphoton laser scanning microscopy (300 μm image field, NA > 0.5, l = 840 / 500 nm) or Raman spectroscopy.
Furthermore, requirements such as light propagation and image detection by special optical fibers have to be clarified and features should be realized, which the user has long desired (e.g. integration of focus and zoom).
As a result, large image fields could be obtained with high resolution, multispectral with a small optical diameter.

• Does the reality (fabricated components) fit to the design?
• How can the components be measured sufficiently well?
• Which models simulate the components in a realistic manner?