Achromatic diffractive optics non-planar substrate surfaces

The joint research group of our institute and the Fraunhofer IOF has the aim of fundamentally research in novel optical hybrid elements based on microscale profiles on generalized surfaces and to make them accessible to application-oriented optical systems.
The integration of diffractive microscale profiles on optical surfaces of classical components with a generalized topology allows innovative design approaches for optical systems with premise in compactness and excellent image quality.
The simultaneous chromatical correction is of particular interest, so that hybrid components, or the embedding optical systems, can be used in a wide spectral range.
The realization of tailored elements in a monolithic design requires the development of novel technological approaches for the generation of qualitatively high-quality functional microstructures on curved or pre-structured surfaces. Their principal functional proof is verified by two demonstrator systems, which address current lighting and imaging applications.


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