How to join us

The Nano & Quantum Optics group of the Institute of Applied Physics is looking permanently for talented and enthusiastic new students who would like to contribute to cutting edge research projects on photonics and quantum optics at the nano scale.

Current call for new PhD candidates

We are currently looking for excellent M.Sc. graduates in physics, photonics, or a related subject to fill three open PhD positions in the recently founded Collaborative Research Center CRC 1375 - Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales (NOA). For further details please refer to: >>>

>>>detailed desciptions of other open PhD Projects in addition to CRC 1375

Current call for new Postdoc

We are searching for an excellent postdoc in the area of quantum photonics possessing strong skills in numerical modelling of photonic nanostructures using large scale high-performance computing systems.

Applications by suitable candidates will be evaluated as soon as they are received and the call will remain open until all positions are filled.

Generally, the group covers a broad range of research fields in experiment and theory:

The topics listed in the following document are just a selection of ongoing research projects, which students could join during their studies. Further topics could be identified by individual discussions, e.g. just contact us directly in our lectures and ask for other appropriate topics.
Most topics can be adjusted for short-term research periods during the BSc and MSc studies and can be expanded into Bachelor thesis projects, Master thesis projects and even doctoral projects. An overview of our current research can be found at our webpage

List of currently available topics for a research projects or a Master thesis in the Nano & Quantum Optics group:

>>> detailed descriptions of open Master thesis projects


If you are interested in our research and could imagine joining our group as Postdoc, PhD Student, MSc students, or just for a short term Research project, please contact one of the following scientists preferably by an email, in which you describe your interest and already obtained qualifications:

Funding of our doctoral students and postdocs is usually provided by third party funded research projects of our group, by scholarships from several graduate schools, or by individual scholarships. We are part of the following graduate schools or coordinated research programs, which you might want to check for current opportunities for funding of your research in our group:

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