Bachelor / Master / Diploma Thesis

New Bachelor, Master, and Diploma students are always welcome. Now, the following specific openings are currently advertised in our research group:

  • BSc Thesis:"Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Investigation of ion beam homogeneity"
  • BSc Thesis: "Vanadium oxide"
  • BSc Thesis: "MexOyNz (metal oxynitride)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Line Edge Roughness (LER)"
  • BSc Thesis: "Measuring System Polarization Optics"
  • BSc Thesis: "Mathematical/radiative optical modelling"
  • BSc Thesis: "Achromatic nano-optical phase plates"
  • BSc Thesis: "NanoFrazor"
  • MSc Thesis: "Generation of color centers in diamond for quantum light sources"

More information about the above mentioned themes can be found here
and if you are interested or have futher questions, do not hesitate to contact us!