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Atomic layer deposition


The goal is to establish the atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating technology for the development of optical components. The unique capability of ALD to deposit conformal thin films on complex micro- and nanostructured optical elements with a precise film thickness control allows the development of novel or improved diffractive optical elements. The strong application potential of ALD coatings for optics from the X-ray to the DUV-VIS-IR spectral range requires materials with specific optical properties. Therefore, a diversity of dielectric and metallic thin films must be developed and characterized. We are implementing an advanced ALD laboratory for deposition, monitoring and control of optical coatings. Thin films can be deposited on up to 6 inch square substrates with very good uniformity. Low temperature deposition is feasible onto sensitive organics and polymer substrates. We integrate ALD thin film coatings in the design and development of innovative nanostructured optics. In collaboration with industrial partners, we also target relevant optical components for lightning, laser optics, lithography, etc.

ALD Laboratory:

ALD _ technology
Fig.1: Photography of the OpAL plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PELAD) equipment with an integrated
        Woollam ellipsometer for in situ thin film growth monitoring and control.(rights: IAP)