The fabrication of optical nano-structures requires specially adapted technologies which are offering a huge flexibility also in an industrial production environment. A very promising approach towards this direction is the use of diffraction based UV-photo-lithography. The main focus of the research group's activities is on the technological implementation of this new kind of photolithography, the development of the scientific background, and methods for flexible design of diffractive photo-masks. Goals are the resolution enhancement into the sub-500nm range to be achieved at mask-to-wafer exposure gaps of 20µm or more, and the realization of almost arbitrary non-periodic pattern. The knowledge gained will be used for the precise realization of very small optical structures on application-relevant areas.

In addition to the resolution increase the method also offers a huge flexibility to generate continuous surface profiles which are necessary in optical applications for the dedicated control of the element function. Another important aspect of the group's activities represents the nano-structuring of high-refractive index materials which offers an outstanding potential for the realization of new customized optical functionalities. In this context the typical layer materials such as Ta2O5, TiO2, or HfO2, but also diamond are of interest.
Based on the work for the development of the new structuring technologies promising example applications are addressed and investigated together with external partners. This includes e.g. the use of diffraction lithography for the realization of photonic crystal structures to improve the light extraction from LEDs as well as the development of high efficient diamond gratings for the wavelength coupling of high-power lasers.

Principle of using the Talbot-effect for high-resolution lithography (left). By specially designed mask illumination the realization of continuous surface profiles by Talbot-lithography is possible. The right image shows an AFM-measurement of a high-resolution resist grating fabricated by this technology.

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