TMDs are an ideal platform to study and utilize light-matter-interaction at the ultimate nanoscale. They are an ideal counterpart to micro- and nanooptical components. Such components can be be utilized to access and enhance the fundamental properties of 2D systems. They can also profit from the availability of two-dimensional materials, which can be used to tune and enhance their functional value.

We aim to explore new and scalable ways to integrate 2D-materials into optical components, such as optical coatings, guided wave systems and nanostructured surfaces. These integrated 2D-components are then used in reproducible experiments, into the fundamentals of the light-matter interaction of 2D-materials and to demonstrate novel components of applications in photonics.

Research topics include:

  • fabrication of TMD-layers, TMD-enhanced guided wave systems, and TMDC-loaded metasurfaces,  using laser-driven exfoliation, transfer, and integration in established growth techniques for photonic materials and photonic components
  • assembly of TMD-based photonic-nanostructures and nano-devices by integration with (nano-)resonators, functional coatings, and by direct nanostructuring of TMCs
  • characterization, modelling, and tailoring of the photonic and electro-optic properties of TMDs-enhanced components on the nanoscale, as well as of their overall optical response

A high quality all-dielectric distributed Bragg-cavity loaded with monolayer Molybdenum-Diselenide for the investigation of resonantly enhanced light-matter-interaction in 2D-materials fabricated by a customized IAPVD-process.

The research is carried out in one of the finest facilities for photonics and photonic-nanostructures, where we can leverage a plethora of state-of-the-art tools, such as:

  • nanofabrication based on electron-beam and focussed-ion-beam facilities
  • optical coatings based on CVD, ALD, and PVD
  • linear and nonlinear optical micro-spectroscopy and femtosecond time domain imaging
  • characterization of quantum states of light
  • nano-characterization with SEM, AFM, and NSOM
  • adaptive imaging systems
  • assembly of hybrid TMC-nanostructures

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