May 2020: OTZ-Interview with Heiko Knopf

Read local group member Heiko Knopf discuss his newest patent and the role of optical coatings with 2D-materials in everyday life with OTZ, a regional newspapers.

March 2020: MDR-Thüringenjournal reports on FastPhoton

The endless fascination of Quantum Photonics is catching on with the public. See the report of the MDR on our ideas on Quantum Communications and the goals of the research group FastPhoton.

January 2020: Team TruQuant wins 2nd place in the Elevator Pitch of the Digital Innovation Hub Photonics


A Cube-Sat prototype for a space-based single-photon sources using 2D-Materials.

A team consisting of Tobias Vogl, Heiko Knopf and Falk Eilenberger have won the second prize of the elevator pitch of the Digital Innovation Hub Photonics. They presented a concept for the commercialization of their defect state emitters in hexagonal Boron-Nitride. Their bid is based on the unique properties of these defect emitters, which make them ideal for affordable, small-scale, turn-key single photon sources. Such sources are  are highly sought after for research in quantum photonics, quantum cryptography and quantum computing and will be a core component for future applications in quantum communication architectures.

The winners will use the research budget to develop prototype sources and to evaluate commercialization strategies. Tobias Vogl stated: "I am very grateful for the opportunity to present our platform and the initial prototype to an audience, which was much more diverse and much closer to application topics, as commonly found in scientific conferences. Of course, I am extremely happy to have won the second prize and very eager to put the research budget to best use. In fact, Fraunhofer IOF's infrastructure is perfect for our development goals and the DIHP is a superbly supportive environment for our way ahead."

The team does also congratulate the competition for the high quality of their ideas and the presentation.

December 2019: New Project Research Group on Secure Communication started

We are happy to announce the commencement of the TAB-funded research group "FastPhoton," which will explore electro-photonic solutions with 2D-Materials for single photons sources. These source will be a key building block for future secure communication systems, which are based on the laws of quantum physics.

See press release by the Friedrich Schiller University and coverage in the Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as in the MDR.

A Cube-Sat prototype for a space-based single-photon sources using 2D-Materials.

June 2019: See you in Munich

We are at the CLEO/ World of Photonics Congress with 4 talks and posters. Find the newest results form our group at:

  • Monday, 14:30 at Hall A1 Room 2: Nils Geib on "Common Pulse Retrieval Algorithm: a Fast and Universal Method to Retrieve Ultrashort Pulses"
  • Tuesday, 09:00 at ICM Room 4b, Heiko Knopf on "MoSe2 and WSe2 embedded in Bragg-Cavities with high Q-factors enabling strong exciton-polariton coupling in 2D-systems"
  • Wednesday, 13:00 at Hall B0, Athira Kuppadakkath "Investigation of Photoluminescence Properties of 2D-Nanoparticles to be used as Fluorescence Markers in Microscopy" on and Robin Schock on "Single-Layer MoS2 Grown on Exposed-Core Optical Fibers: a new Approach to Waveguide Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Photonics"

March 2018: With new ideas back o the IAP

On the 1st of March, the new junior research group "2D Nanomaterials for the Microscopy of the Future (NanoScopeFutur-2D)" will be launched at the Institute of Applied Physics....
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