INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Micro- structure Technology

Micro- structure Technology

This research group concentrates fundamentally on function and design of micro- and nano-optical elements as well as applications and technology developments for micro strcuturing. The following research priorities have been edited:

Diffractive phase dislocation
(8 level, quartz, binary mask technology)
(rights: IAP)

Amongst others, outstanding results are: 3D nanostructures in Lithumniobat • broadband DUV polarizer based on metal strip gratings up to 190nm wavelength • highly reflective monolithic dielectric resonant mirrors • high-efficient mulltilevel-phase structures for nonparaxial diffractive elements and reflection-reduced pulse compressor gratings.

Refractive beam shaping element (continuous profile, resist, gray tone lithography) (rights: IAP)
Photonical crystal waveguide
(binary sub-wavelength structure, e-beam lithography and reactive ion beam etching)
(rights: IAP)