INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - "Let there be light!" Children got enthusiastic about Physics

"Let there be light!" Children got enthusiastic about Physics

Enthusiasm and astonishment triggered the actions and experiments that had come up with the Kinder-Uni in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IOF. On 3 July in UNESCO Year of Light everything turned around the subject of light, prepared for children aged 6 to 12 years.

"What is a mirror?", "Can light go around corners", and "What is a Fata Morgana?" To answer all these questions, Alexander Szameit and Frank Schrempel of our Institute have come up with a lot of interesting experiments in order to present the phenomenon of light and its technologies vividly.

Around 80 pupils from Jena took part at an exciting lecture on many phenomena around the theme of light. In experiments, that the children sometimes appeared like magic, it has been shown how to manipu-late light by reflection, refraction, total reflection and diffraction and its use of these phenomena. Especially the starry sky produced by diffraction and the large world map, which was projected by a hologram on the large auditorium wall inspired the kids. After the lecture, as a souvenir the children could take home their periscopes, made by themselves.

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Impressions of the Kinder-Uni 2015.

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