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Young scientists won ideas competition

Übergabe der Urkunde durch Dr. Alexander Kurz (links) für die beste Idee beim Ideenwettbewerb des »Netzwert« Symposiums der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft an Franz Beier (rechts) (© Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)

Presentation of the certificate by Dr. Alexander Kurz (left) for the best idea in the contest of the "Netzwert" Symposium at Franz Beier (right) (© Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft).

The two young scientists Franz Beier and Peter Lutzke could win the contest at the Fraunhofer Symposium "Netzwert" 2013 with their innovative ideas and rejoice over a trophy money of € 25,000 for the development of their concepts.

Franz Beier wants to use his professional knowledge about fiber sensor technology and his knowledge as a hobby beekeeper in order to develop a complex and quasi- living sensor. The bees play a special role. Besides the longer-known phenomena to communicate over a "dance language", they use their honeycomb for the transmission of acoustic vibrations. Mr. Beier will detect these vibrations and possible temperature changes by implemented micro structured optical fibers. "If this will work, we could listen to and understand the bee colony, so that we would have access to an unsuspected diversity of information," says the physicist about his idea. He hopes to draw conclusions about environmental influences, such as air pollution or the use of pesticides. With it, the honey bee would be a perfect millionfold biosensor.
Peter Lutzke wants to give a measurement system for three-dimensional (3D) images to the technophiliac end users with his project "Scan instead of snapping - provide 3D data acquisition for everyone", available at low cost. With this, the 3D metrology detach can be liberate from the almost exclusively professional range. For that, he wants to use existing hardware and few additional components to generate a complete 3D measurement system. So, smartphones or tablet cameras can be used for this idea; all additional components are encapsulated in one cap, so the mobile device can be used further without restrictions.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann is delighted in his staff: "It's nice to watch again and again the creative and innovative solutions are being developed by our young scientists. When they succeed with their ideas, it pleased me the most."

The € 25,000 prize money will now help the two young researchers to implement their ideas in the next few weeks.


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