INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Yesterday and nowadays – Carl Zeiss 1816-1888

Yesterday and nowadays – Carl Zeiss 1816-1888

On Sunday 11 September the 200th anniversary of Carl Zeiss was committed worthy in Jena.

Through his entrepreneurial spirit but also obstinacy against authorities and structures he shapes the image Jena strongly until today.
His greatest contributions from an economic point of view were his aspirations on quality and to cherish on the idea to prepare microscope objectives on a notional basis.
For the execution of these plans, theoretical fundamentals have been required and therefore the neighborhood to the university was success-related. Only in this connection, the hitherto impossible could be come to reality and theories could leave the space of the alma mater to become great in the world.
The fact that other areas of science, such as biology, have been pressed ahead is generally known today. Nonetheless, these laws still remain valid:
In Jena also nowadays, advances in medicine, information technology etc. obtained using the optics, and even today new business ideas find their way into the market, e.g. through spin-offs.
On the occasion of his 200th anniversary, the IAP honors the great inventor of the city and invited to build a spectrometer into the Goethe Galerie.

Zeiss Tag in der Goethe Galerie
A lot of interesting things around the 200th anniversary of Carl Zeiss (11.09.2016).
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