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On the 1st of March, the new junior research group "2D Nanomaterials for the Microscopy of the Future (NanoScopeFutur-2D)" will be launched at the Institute of Applied Physics.

This group is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the program "NanoMatFutur" and focuses on optical applications of two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenes (TMDs). TMDs are a class of two-dimensional materials that are directly semiconducting and therefore rich in electro-optical phenomena.
TMDs are a particularly fascinating subject of research because the light-matter interaction is limited to the thickness of a single atomic layer but at the same time unusually strong. "Although a number of intriguing properties have been demonstrated in the lab, I would like to go a step further with my group and explore optical applications of this new material in the tool-kit of optics, especially in the area of microscopy. " adds Dr. Falk Eilenberger, young research group leader of NanoScope-Futur-2D, who is returning from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF to our institute.
At the Fraunhofer IOF, he has been involved in the coordination of numerous scientific initiatives over the last three years. "Having completed my PhD in nonlinear spatiotemporal optics at the IAP in 2014, I am very much looking forward to returning the focus of my work to basic research work. And I am amazed to see the rapid development of the IAP into one of the prime locations in the world to successfully tackle such a challenging field of research as optics in 2D materials."
"I am excited that we can establish a new research focus at the interface between material development, nano photonics and quantum photonics through the new project NanoScopeFutur-2D and I am particularly pleased that Dr. Eilenberger has prevailed against numerous competitors in an extremely competitive process. We are happy, that we can use his talent in research and teaching and I wish him success and the necessary little bit of luck to be able to realize the ambitious goals of his project. ", congratulates Prof. Andreas Tünnermann, Director of the IAP.

Falk Eilenberger at his new research facility in the ACP clean room. (rights: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU)
News from: 27.02.2018 14:33
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