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Katsuya Tanaka wins PAF teaching award

The most important thing in teaching content is always the ability of the teacher to present the material in such a way that the students understand it well and thus develop an interest in the content.
Katsuya Tanaka - PhD student of the research group Nano & Quantum Optics - seems to have succeeded in this.
The student council found him to be one of the best lecturers after evaluating the evaluation forms. He held the seminar for the lecture "Fundamentals of Modern Optics" by Prof. Thomas Pertsch. In detail, it deals with mathematical calculations on the behavior of light, such as the propagation of the beam in free space, the interference of two beams, the focusing of a Gaussian beam through a lens, diffraction by periodic apertures, pulse dispersion, reflection/transmission in a multilayer system, and so on.
Katsuya Tanaka was particularly interested in combining abstract mathematical operations with physical aspects of photonics. These corresponding connections of mathematical expressions made it easier for students to understand how light behaves under certain conditions. Furthermore, additional time slots were provided for further discussions and questions regarding the seminar topics.
"It was for the first time for me to do teaching in my life. This award gave me a significant confidence and triggered my motivation to study photonics further. I would like to thank Prof. Thomas Pertsch for giving me the opportunity for the seminar teaching in this course," says Katsuya Tanaka about the award. He also wanted to share his passion for photonics with the students. It seems he succeeded in this!
The award ceremony will take place during the 18th Alumni Day of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy on Friday, November 20, 2020, 2pm, live online at

2020-11-19_ K Tanaka
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