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2020-01-26 team Truquant-DIHP_IOF
Winning team Truquant: (left to right) Dr. Sebastian Händschke (DIHP), Heiko Knopf, Dr. Tobias Vogl, Dr. Falk Eilenberger, Dr. Robert Kammel (Leistungszentrum Photonik). Rights: Fraunhofer IOF.

Eight research ideas in the field of optics and photonics - from climate satellites to photon sources and space optics - were invited to present their research to an expert jury on January 26, 2020 at the "Elevator Pitches: First Call 2020" of the Digital Innovation Hub Photonics (DIHP) of the Leistungszentrum Photonik.
Amongst them a IAP-team, consisting of Tobias Vogl, Heiko Knopf and Falk Eilenberger.
They presented a concept for the commercialization of their defect state emitters in hexagonal Boron-Nitride. Their bid is based on the unique properties of these defect emitters, which make them ideal for affordable, small-scale, turn-key single photon sources. Such sources are highly sought after for research in quantum photonics, quantum cryptography and quantum computing and will be a core component for future applications in quantum communication architectures.
The three were able to convince the jury, consisting of representatives of various institutions from business and science, including companies such as AMS AG, Jenoptik AG and piezosystem jena GmbH and institutions of the Jena regional start-up support, and won second place.
All winning teams received research budgets of €53,000 each from the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society (TMWDG) as well as expert support for all matters relating to innovation projects and spin-offs.
The TruQuant team will use the research budget to develop prototype sources and to evaluate commercialization strategies. Tobias Vogl stated: "I am very grateful for the opportunity to present our platform and the initial prototype to an audience, which was much more diverse and much closer to application topics, as commonly found in scientific conferences. Of course, I am extremely happy to have won the second prize and very eager to put the research budget to best use. In fact, the Leistungszentrum Photonik infrastructure is perfect for our development goals and the DIHP is a superbly supportive environment for our way ahead."

News from: 28.01.2020 12:22
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