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Our institute was happy to meet the request of the Junge Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (jDPG) and together with the Lichtwerkstatt we hosted a Sunday´s workshop on the topic "Science & Economy - Optics in Jena".
Young physicists, not only from Jena, were sent on a voyage of discovery around the Abbe limit into the world of optics and the current research work of our institute in a lecture by Dr. Thomas Kaiser, while Dr. Reinhard Geiss explained funding opportunities for young scientists.
After a chat at a coffee break, we finally went to the laboratories of the Lichtwerkstatt, nano & quantum as well as laser group in the Abbe Center of Photonics.

2019-10-27 jDPG_Lecture 2019-10-27 jDPG_chat 2019-10-27 jDPG_Lab
First lection, than a chat, afterwards a interesting lab-tour. (Foto: I.Winkler/IAP-FSU)

Many thanks once again to everyone for their commitment - even on a Sunday!

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