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Lasers have been established as irreplaceable tools in science, modern production and our everyday lives. Ultra-short pulse lasers play a particularly important role here, as they enable the investigation and generation of the smallest structures and thus allow new functional materials right up to groundbreaking findings in basic research.
For this reason, this year's Jenaer Lasertagung (November 22 - 23, 2018) focused not only on general trends in process development, but also on UKP laser systems and their applications as well as laser-based additive manufacturing.
In this context, Marco Kienel was awarded the prize for the best dissertation of the last two years. In his work "Power Scaling of Ultrashort Pulses by Spatial and Temporal Coherent Combining" he made essential contributions to laser physics by applying the latest measurement methods for the detection of phase differences in amplifying interferometer arms.
Since the performance of the laser sources influences the bandwidth of the possible applications on the one hand and the quality of the applications themselves on the other hand, more and more powerful laser systems are needed. Marco Kienel pioneered a fundamentally novel approach to multidimensional amplification of ultrashort laser pulses to provide next generation and beyond ultrafast laser power characteristics.
Based on the developed concepts he was able to realize a femtosecond fiber laser with pulse energies >10mJ, average power >1kW and pulse durations around 200fs. Ultra-short pulse fiber lasers are thus advancing into power regimes that were previously unthinkable. With the transfer of these research results into a mature system, the so-called HR laser, this approach is a driving force of the ELI-ALPS research infrastructure Szeged, Hungary.
This work by Marco Kienel has contributed significantly to the development of this prestigious laser system for ELI-ALPS, which, due to its high performance characteristics, will be a significant component of novel research results.
Already for the eleventh time, information about such latest developments and current research results was exchanged and valuable contacts were made at the Jenaer Lasertagung, which often lead to new cooperation.

News from: 04.12.2018 10:19
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