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Dr. Stefan Heist receives the Young Talent Award from the DGaO for his doctoral thesis on "High Speed 3D Form Measurement with Aperiodic Sine Pattern", endowed with € 1,000, during the DGaO Annual Meeting, which has be held this year in Aalen.
Heist Airbag Entfaltung
Results of detecting the moving of an air bag deployment. (Rights: Fraunhofer-IOF)

From facial recognition in smartphones to motion-controlled video games to obstacle detection systems in modern cars, the use of optical 3D sensors is becoming more and more commonplace for end users. However, these examples only represent the tip of the iceberg of innumerable applications of 3D optical measurement; It is also well-established in the industrial testing of production parts, in object recognition or in biometrics.
In recent years, not only the demands on the accuracy of the measurement results have increased, but also the measurement speed has become more and more important. 3D rates of several hundred to several thousand Hertz are required to detect moving objects or deformation processes three-dimensionally, e.g. airbag deployments, crash tests, production parts on an assembly line or athletes in motion.

New method of pattern projection

For the technology development to measure such highly dynamic processes even more precisely, Dr. Stefan Heist was awarded the DGaO Young Talent Prize. During his PhD he introduced a novel method of pattern projection. With their help, a larger number of surface points can be measured with significantly higher accuracy than other high-speed 3D scanners. For this he used the principles of array and GOBO projection, which can capture extremely fast processes three-dimensionally, e.g. the deployment of vehicle airbags. At the end of his doctorate, Heist was able to present the world's fastest pattern projection system for high-resolution 3D shape measurement.
"Of course, I am very pleased about the DGaO award, because it expresses the recognition and importance of my own work," says Stefan Heist about his award. "At the same time, it is an incentive to stick to this topic, which is obviously also of great interest to other scientists - after all, the developed principles and structures offer great potential for further applications and examinations."

Therefore, Dr. Stefan Heist is now leading the young research group "Hyper 3D" at the IAP.

Heist DGaO Preisverleihung
From left: Andreas Heinrich (member Board DGaO), Stefan Heist (awardee), Jürgen Czarske (awardee), Stefan Sinzinger (chairman DGaO). (Rights: Fraunhofer-IOF)

Source: Friedrich Schiller University Jena


News from: 18.06.2018 15:11
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