INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Nominated out of 50 for the AMA Innovation Award 2015

Nominated out of 50 for the AMA Innovation Award 2015

Ge-on-Si detector concept with Black Silicon light-trapping for enhancement of intrinsic Ge absorptance. An epitaxial Ge PIN photodiode is arranged on the silicon substrate. Illumination is performed over the Black Silicon structured rear side of the device.

Traditionally, the Innovation Award from the Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology (AMA) will be awarded at the trade fair "Sensor + Test".
This year, five other developments have been nominated as outstanding a total of 50 national and international submissions; including the application of Martin Steglich, Dr. Ernst Bernhard Kley (Fr. Schiller University Jena) and Dr. Michael Oehme, Prof. Jörg Schulze (University of Stuttgart) about the topic: "Ge-on-Si photodiode with Black- Silicon-light trap ". Unfortunately, the submission was not awarded, but in the brochure, AMA Innovation Award 2015 - The Applicants" published.

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