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Microscopic story of success

Getnet Tadesse, PhD student at the Helmholtz Institute Jena and Institute of Applied Physics, received the award for the best poster at the international conference "Coherence 2016" (7-10. June 2016), held in the French coastal town Saint-Malo. His research work on a high-resolution nanoscope was rewarded, which is reaching a spatial resolution of 13 nm. So it has set a new record and will provide new insights into the nanoworld! Until now, such resolutions could only be achieved with large-scale facilities such as synchrotrons as light sources. Getnet Tadesses' nanoscope uses coherent extreme ultra-violet (EUV) light which is generated by high-power fiber lasers that have been developed at the Institute of Applied Physics.
Mr. Tadesse studied Master of Photonics at the Abbe School of Photonics (ASP) and is now a doctoral student and a member of the resident graduate school "Advanced Photon Science". With the trophy money of EUR 500, he would like to travel in August this year at the conference "Xray microscopy" to Oxford / UK, in order to present his work to a wider audience of scientists.

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