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 More than 400 children went on Wednesday, 24th May together with Hermione and Harry in the fascinating world of physics. In 45 minutes, amazing things happened. What initially looked like magic, however, turned out to be physics again and again! The actors Dr. Silvana Fischer (Hermione), Dr. Frank Schrempel (Harry), Petra Richter (helpful spirit), Thomas Schott (Mr. Filch) and Wolfgang Unbereit (technician) wanted to arouse the curiosity in the pupils of the classes 1-4 for sciences.

Thanks were many huge and astonishing eyes and much applause.

Harry Potter 2
Hermione (Dr. Silvana Fischer) and Harry (Dr. Frank Schrempel) delighted with a lot of fantastic experiments.

Harry Potter 1
The Hogwarts-Team from Jena: (left to right) Thomas Schott, Silvana Fischer, Errol-the owl, Frank Schrempel and Petra Richter.
News from: 29.05.2017 11:25
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