INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Kevin Füchsel and Reinhold Pabst won at the "Ideenwettbewerb"

Kevin Füchsel and Reinhold Pabst won at the "Ideenwettbewerb"

With its novel concept of photovoltaic "efficient design" won Kevin Füchsel and Dr. Reinhold Pabst the third place of the competition "Ideenwettbwerb Jena-Weimar" in 2012. The judges commended the unique combination of more efficient photovoltaics with the possibility of completely free design of a solar facade in form, color and design.
The strategy aims to increase the attractiveness of solar panels on the facades due to various design options.
A differentiation of building-integrated photovoltaic modules in form, color and custom design layout allows developers an energy-efficient use of the facades, while maintaining the architectural individuality.

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efficient Design
Kevin Füchsel and Dr. Reihold Pabst at the award ceremony in Weimar.
News from: 13.07.2012 15:28
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