INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Kevin Füchsel and Dr. Reinhold Pabst are German High Tech Champions 2012

Kevin Füchsel and Dr. Reinhold Pabst are German High Tech Champions 2012

Kevin Füchsel and Reinhold Pabst win the Germany-wide competition for business case competition organized by the Fraunhofer Society with its contribution Innovative Solar Design "efficient design" in the category of "Green Buildings". The German High Tech Champion Campaign (GHTC) is part of the Initiative "Advertising for the Innovation and Research in Germany", funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the brand "Research in Germany". On 28th November, the € 10,000 prize will be formally awarded by the French Consul General in Lyon.
The startup idea efficient design confronts the challenge to connect design and cost-effective photovoltaic in unprecedented ways and has been created in collaboration with the IOF and the Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. The application of various optical methods for solar cell production allows architects and clients in addition to sustainable technology also freedom in creativity in terms of shape, color and design of the solar modules. Thus for example, a company's corporate design can easily mapped onto a solar facade. Of course, artistic solutions with high aesthetic focus can be achieved. These features make efficient design as an important and pioneering component for future projects of building integrated photovoltaics and enable private and business clients all the freedom in the solar design.
The format German High Tech Champion offers an outstanding opportunity to promote internationally efficient design. In addition to the trophy money, whereby efficient design should be made known in France, Kevin Füchsel and Dr. Reinhold Pabst will be supported professional by the Fraunhofer Society. An extensive program including an exhibition booth at the POLLUTEC fair in Lyon (27.11.-30.11) will be also organized. There, the ARTE presenter Alice Tumler will interview the two champions on the TV Stage POLLUTEC on 28.11., 4:00 - 4:45pm.

efficient design 3 fuechsel+pabst
Awardees Dr. Reinhold Pabst and Kevin Füchsel


Kevin Füchsel & Dr. Reinhold Pabst
Fraunhofer IOF
Albert-Einstein-Straße 7
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 807-273

efficient design 2 solar cell
Efficient Solar Cell
efficient design 1 solar cell detail

efficient design 4 iof facade
Look like it could, the Fraunhofer Center with an efficient design solar facade.


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