INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Isabell Staude is honored by the Hertha Sponer Award of the DPG

Isabell Staude is honored by the Hertha Sponer Award of the DPG

The German Physical Society DPG has awarded the Hertha Sponer Award in acknowledgment of her future-oriented contribution to basic research in nanophotonics. In that work, the junior research group leader presents a novel approach that enables comprehensive control of light fields on nanoscopic scales and is largely free of absorption and scattering losses. This is achieved by the excitation of Mie-resonances of electrical and magnetic character in lithographically produced silicon nanoparticles.
The grant is based on the possibilities opened up for researchers to enable them to completely rethink the control of light on nanoscale - also for the development of extremely thin photonic components of novel functionality.

The award will be presented in March 2017 during the DPG meeting in M√ľnster. The award is intended to encourage young women scientists in particular through public distinction and thus attract more women to physics.

Congratulations from the colleagues!

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Dr. Isabelle Staude

News from: 08.12.2016 12:06
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