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Mr. Saravi is one of 13 researchers of the university, who were granted on 13.12.19 by the Vice President for Research, Prof. Dr. Georg Pohnert, with grant notices from the "IMPULSE" junior researcher promotion program for a total of 140,000 €.

The aim of the funding is to be enabled to prepare preliminary work for the acquisition of third-party funding for larger research projects - e.g. at the German Research Associaction (DFG).
With his topic "Experimental realization of atom-mediated pair-generation processes", Dr. Saravi wants to lay the basics for a new class of hybrid quantum light sources.

His project idea has already been reviewed by independent experts, so that it was clarified within the framework of the IMPULSE award procedure that it has real chances of receiving third-party funding. We keep our fingers crossed for Sina!

News from: 19.12.2019 08:32
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