INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - If we want things to stay the way it is, everything has to change

If we want things to stay the way it is, everything has to change

- Se vogliamo che tutto rimanga come è, bisogna che tutto cambi!

To this credo of Tomasi di Lampedusas (from: Il Gattopardo) the "Junge Akademie" has also been dedicated to, the world's first academy of young scientists. The academy wants to achieve an initiation of interdisciplinary and socially relevant creative spaces for outstanding junior scientists and also artists from the German-speaking world. For this purpose, every year ten excellent heads are called to the academy (and at the same time 10 have to leave). Since July 1, 2018, Jun.-Prof. Isabelle Staude belongs to this excellence.
Over the next five years, she could work on interdisciplinary projects of all kinds in 40 working groups on topics such as "visualization", "science policy" or "art as research". Intention is in addition to actual research topics to operate creatively at the interface of science and society.
Thus, in addition to the interdisciplinary, scientific discourse, the Junge Akademie also promotes initiatives at the interface of science and society. Internationally, the Junge Akademie is involved in various cooperation and a gradually emerging network of similar institutions.
We wish Isabelle Staude an exciting time and will ask for updates from time to time!

2018_neue_mitglieder_junge akademie
New members (last row, left to right: Lukas Haffert, Astrid Eichhorn, Michael Saliba, Erik Schilling, Martin-Immanuel Bittner.
Front row: Timo Rademacher, Valerie Domcke, Jan Haaker, Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor, Isabelle Staude)
Rights: Die Junge Akademie/Peter Himsel
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