INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - IAP at LASERworld of Photonics in Munich

IAP at LASERworld of Photonics in Munich

At extremes, such as pico- and femtoseconds, not only our imagination, but also the electronics are overchallenged. In such time units operate ultrafast lasers. The BMBF-funded association "ultrashort pulse lasers for high-precision machining" has exposed with this technology and their application. During a finial public event the participating scientists will present their research findings on June 25 at LASERworld of PHOTONICS" in Munich in the Photonics Forum Hall B3. With ultrafast lasers, materials can edit extraordinary precision, without damaging the surrounding material. Applications include medical treatment options, such as the human eye, or industrial manufacturing processes, e.g. at the processing of solar cells or carbon fiber composites (CFK). In the Association open questions were addressed to fully explore the potential of ultrashort pulses and implementing this technology in various fields of application. Research aspects were the production of innovative, cost-effective and powerful laser systems, but also stable optical components as well as a highly dynamic beam control. In addition, customized processes for specific applications in photovoltaics, lightweight constructions, the electronics industry and medicine had to be developed. All this will be presented during the LASER fair. Stefan Nolte, who coordinated the Association, was honored for his work on the ultrafast technology in 2013 along with colleagues from TRUMPF and Bosch and awarded the German Future Prize for Technology and Innovation, of the Federal President. The exhibition of laser and photonics industry is from 22 to 25 June in Munich. Among the more than 1,000 exhibitors from science and industry, again the IAP is together with the Abbe Center of Photonics (ACP) at a common booth 141 in Hall B3 at the big exhibition area of "Research for the Future".

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