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IAP and partners in Joensuu/Finland at SciFest

The SciFest and the city of Jena celebrated the UNESCO International Year of Light. At three days in Joensuu, Finland has been hold a science and technology festival, where more than eight thousand students learned experimentally about the power of light. This freely available experimental facility has educational flagship character. With visitors and exhibitors from many countries (e.g. UK, USA, France ...) Joensuu, near the Russian border, has been an international meeting place.

Joensuu Arena (größtes Holzgebäude Finnlands)
Joensuu Areena, the biggest wooden construction in Finland

Reinhold Pabst from Fraunhofer IOF and Ira Winkler from the Institute of Applied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena have four light experiments in their luggage. With the support of Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH and JenaWirtschaft, we flew with numerous craft kits and freebies to Finland. The aim was to support the event and to make the research and City of Light Jena even better known as an European center of light-based technologies.

Thursday, 23rd of April 2015

A spacious exhibition area of about 20 square meters was our booth - so we had plenty plenty of room for experimentation and tinkering with our the visiting students. On the first day we experienced in addition to the many Finnish and Russian groups of students but also a very international audience on this oversized Imaginata. The SciFest aims to provide young people a facilitate access to scientific topics through interactive experiments. It was told, that also around one thousand teachers are expected for this event as part of a mandatory training program on Saturday.
We were enthusiastic that in the SciFest students can try out in many disciplines, like chemistry, mathematics, programming, mechanics etc., in the numerous scientific experiments with participatory character or as a radio presenter, cameraman or photographer. Professor Pasi Vahimaa who is one of the organizers, recommended us to look around and absorb the diversity of ideas and experiments. Furthermore, we are represented every day on a 20-minute stage show, where we explain our motivation to participate in the SciFest. We report from the light topics at the IaP and Fraunhofer IOF, of analogies between Joensuu and Jena, our motivation and of the long-established companies Zeiss, Jenoptik and Schott in the City of Light Jena.

The lighting designer Kari Kola, who has illuminated the official opening ceremony of the UNESCO Year of the light in Paris, built for the SciFest more than 200 sources of light with his team in two days. So the sun rises during the day in the hall several times. Lanterns will seem like large buckets produce "width" in the hall, says Kola.

gut gefüllter Stand Reinhold Pabst erklärt warum Fraunhofer IOF und IAP sich für das Scifest engagieren Russische Pfadfinder freuen sich über neues selbst zusammengebautes Periskop von Zeiss Thaumatrop begeistert

Friday, 24th of April 2015

On the second day it got well attended further on the SciFest in Joensuu. In this sparsely populated region, the groups of students travel up to 7 hours before the start. Accordingly, it goes crowded in the morning. At around 40 booth experiments offered to join in or workshops have been hold. A highlight of the day is the race of programmed robots. The point is to push the other self-programmed robots of a pitch or to maneuvering them over a course. There are, among others, various lectures to build this robot as well as to repair them.

We are supervised daily by students of German studies who today even translated the day's program or give us support in copies and regional information.

Furthermore, many guests come privately motivated. The presentation of the City of Light Jena opens many points of contact. Some teachers have been to Jena - and they share their returned memories with us - other study or do an internship here in Finland. So besides the experiments usually remains time for a quick chat about life in Eastern Finland (Karelia) or Jena.

wer dreht das Taumathrop am schnellsten - Schülergruppen kreativ beim Erstellen eines Bildes aus verschiedener Vorder- und Rückseite  Begeisterung für die 3D-Bilder ...dann wird es ausprobiert Hier stimmt die Chemie

Saturday, 25th April 2015

Saturday was the big family day at SciFest and additional training for all teachers (about 1000 at Joensuu region).

From the Russian scouts who built at a neighboring booth also periscopes, we have received as a reward for the instructions and transfer of the craft kits from Carl Zeiss Jena, solemnly a Russian version with glasses thick as frosted glass.

Furthermore, we were attended by the Spanish Kids Club. A dozen mostly Central American children who have come together in Joensuu were no longer moved away from our experiments. Even the spectrometer was assembled with much enthusiasm. The Head of the Spanish club explained its action with a lot of patience in Spanish.

Finally, we were also visited by Prof. Carsten Rockstuhl who now conducts research at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the representative of the German Embassy in Finland.

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