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Hot times for ultra optics – HITECOM

Material conversion processes at high temperatures are of central importance in the provision of energy and chemical recyclables. For this, the importance of coal as a medium and long -term use option in Germany and around the world (China, India, South America, South Africa , Eastern Europe, Central Asia) rises again. But the challenge now is to develop methods that cope with the increasingly poorer fuel quality.
However, the appropriate high-temperature process steps are the most resource-and energy-intensive -to increase their efficiency, new technologies must be developed.

For this reason, the two Centres for Innovation Competence (ZIK ) ,Virtuhcon' of the TU Freiberg and ,ultra optics' at the Institute of Applied Physics launched the joint project ,HITECOM - High Temperature Conversion Optical Measurement' to investigate the particle reactions and their changes spatially and temporally resolved in situ. This will lead to first detailed numerical models of these complex processes to ensure an efficient strategy for technological improvements. Through the combination of simulation and optical in - situ metrology tools are developed which can map and describe real high temperature conversion processes realistically.
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides around 2,200,000 € for the HITECOM-project.


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