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For two years (Febr. 17 - Apr. 19) Jun.-Prof. Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt was here with us at our Institute at the Beutenberg, supported by a Junior-professorship of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.
Coming from the Technical University of Munich she was attracted by the excellent research infrastructure and the cooperation with Prof. Jens Limpert, because his research successes on laser developments in extreme power ranges are unique.

With this support, she established the junior research group "UV dual comb spectroscopy" with the aim of investigating light-matter interactions in the ultraviolet spectral range with unparalleled spectral resolution. Similar to Fourier transform spectroscopy, this new method enables measurements of extremely broadband absorption spectra, but with millions of times shorter measurement durations and unachieved relative spectral resolutions of up to 10-9.
To support this research, she received a Daimler and Benz scholarship in 2018 to explore the XUV range with the help of a new dual comb spectrometer in the visible and - for the first time - in the Near Ultraviolet. Intension is to investigate atoms and molecules of astrophysical and geoscientific relevance with a table-top UV laser source and ten times better spectral resolution than any synchrotron source.

Her path now leads Birgitta Bernhardt to the Graz University of Technology, where she has found better conditions for her professional and personal future - a permanent position here enables her to build an independent group with a long-term perspective for her research program. Her husband recently took over a chair at the same University, so the young family finally has a common home.
She leaves Jena with many insights and good memories - so even her second child was born during this time. But there are also bridges on the banks of the Saale via research projects that remain; for example, a joint research topic on cancer research together with a parents' acquaintance from the Kindergarden at Beutenberg (KiTa am Beutenberg).

We wish Birgitta good luck and further success in her work!

News from: 15.05.2019 14:17
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